Wednesday, October 8, 2014

True to Form: Trucks and the Sea

I've spent two weeks with Anderson.  Thank God for Grandma (we've met her at the sandpit a few times).  And we've rewarded her with homemade coffee-substitute cream pops.

With 10 books under our belts, we are off to an ambitious start with our picture book reading.

Although his like pile is mostly tolerable, we are only reviewing those that we both enjoy reading twice in one sitting.  I am clearly the harsher critic. 

Thankfully, we have 2 mentionables!

The Village Garage by: G. Brian Karas, 2010
This is a sweetly tolerable 'truck book'.  As we follow the village work crew through the seasons, and learn about their use of different trucks - it succeeds in being informative without being dull.  The illustrations are colorful, with plenty to observe on each read, yet digestible for a 3 year-old. It's a needed relief from the purely factual, or written purely for young-boy enjoyment, truck books.


Swimmy by: Leo Lionni, 1973
Taking place under the sea, I thought I had a shot at Anderson liking this selection, but I was still surprised it became one of the week's favorites.  The artwork is subtle, colors subdued.  The book is simply appealing and peaceful to read, with just the right amount of affection for Swimmy, tension, and relief at the end.  Nothing is exaggerated, and that makes it just enough so that you can keep reading it.  

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